AquaLab Water Based Aliphatic Polyurethane


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The AQUALAB PUR (GLOSS, SATIN or MATTE) is a two-component low-odor water-based aliphatic polyurethane floor coating system which is VOC-exempt. The products offer a uniform finish, without orange peel and a beautiful appearance. The AQUALAB PUR also offers unparalleled resistance to UV (non-yellowing), excellent abrasion resistance and the ability to hide scratches. The AQUALAB PUR can be used as a protective layer for the LABPOX 30LABPOX 35 and 40 UV epoxy products or directly on concrete. Our formulation is based on the latest technological advances in the field of aliphatic water-based polyols.

1-Gallon Kit = 1 x A (3.2 L) + 1 x B (0.6 L)

The chemical and mechanical properties of AQUALAB PUR
provide excellent results for several applications:
+ Residential, commercial and industrial uses
+ Metallic systems
+ Manufacturing facilities
+ Warehouses
+ Commercial centers
+ Office buildings
+ Retail stores
+ Garages
+ Food/beverage processing and preparation plants
+ Public facilities including hospitals and schools
+ Pharmaceutical companies
+ Low VOC, potential for LEED eligibility
+ Low odor formulation
+ Non-yellowing
+ Available in gloss, satin and matte finishes
+ The clears offer a smooth finish with no orange peel
+ Gloss also available in a colored version
+ One of the best abrasion resistances in the industry
+ Very high chemical and stain resistance, easier cleanability
versus epoxies
+ Protects epoxy coatings by providing a UV barrier that will
slow down the yellowing of epoxies
+ Long pot life
+ Application-friendly with low viscosity and auto-leveling
properties reducing the risk of roll marks
+ Interior and exterior applications
+ Impermeability / low moisture sensitivity
+ High density of the product prevents dirt penetration
resulting in low maintenance post application

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