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Clemons Super Seal- 25. Plus Non-Yellowing is a 25% solids, solvent-based cure & seal with added UV protection.

  • Clemons Super Seal-25.High Gloss

  • 25% Styrene Acrylic Sealer/Curing Aid

  • Solvent-based concrete cure and seal

  • Non-yellowing with added UV stabilizers

  • Great for all types of cured concrete

  • Wet look enhances color on decorative concrete

  • ASTM 1315 and 309

  • <700 g/l VOC meets US EPA standards

  • Available in 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon pails, & 55-gallon drums.

  • Available in Matte.
    SUPER SEAL sealers are high solids, styrene-acrylic copolymer concrete curing and sealing compound formulated to achieve both
    a protective and decorative finish as well as allow the concrete to attain full mix design properties. SUPER SEAL is a film-forming
    sealer, which will assist the curing of freshly placed concrete. SUPER SEAL is formulated as follows:
  • SUPER SEAL-25 High solids (25%) formulation for spray-ability. Two coats of SUPER SEAL-25 is preferred to one thick coat
    When applying to fresh concrete, wait until all bleed water has evaporated. For best results apply SUPER SEAL-30 with a roller.
    Brush may be used where roller won’t reach. Do not pour directly from can to concrete. Apply evenly from can or other metal
    container with appropriate roller. Use a long nap roller for exposed aggregate, a medium nap roller for textured surfaces and a
    short nap roller for smooth surfaces. Keep roller soaked by dipping on every stroke. Every few feet turn perpendicular to the first
    coat, and cross roll without re-dipping. Wait until the surface is tack-free before applying a second coat. The continual dipping with
    the first coat gives a heavy application and the cross-rolling allows for an even application. SUPER SEAL-25 may be sprayed
    using a solvent resistant sprayer. Clean up immediately with aromatic solvent such as A-1 Solvent or Xylene. Do not thin product.

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