Lab Surface LabFast 85 2gl kit.


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Lab Surface LabFast 85 2gl kit.

The LABFAST product series are a two-component, high-solid content, polyaspartic coating systems. There is a low odor version, the LABFAST LO and a VOC-exempt version, LABFAST VOC-EXEMPT. The product is available in four levels of solids content: 70, 80, 85 and 90 as well as long working time versions (+) and fast curing versions (-). The different combinations of curing times and viscosities optimize overall system performance and allow one-day installations. The products are easy to mix with a ratio of 1:1 and there is a common hardener for the base and top coat. It is possible to install a two or three coat floor system with the LABFAST. LABFAST products are available in grey, tan and black. Special colors available on request.

The LABFAST LOW ODOR is a two-component (1A:1B), nonyellowing, low odor polyaspartic floor coating system. The
LABFAST LOW ODOR is used as a clear topcoat and a
colored base coat using a common hardener. High solids
versions (85% and 90%) are available as well as a prolonged
working time version (+) and a fast cure version (-). The
system provides a quick turnaround with very rapid curing
time with a tack free as low as 45 minutes* allowing the
installation of the floor system in a single day. The product
displays excellent curing capability even at very low
temperature levels. This product offers superior mechanical
and chemical properties and is low maintenance. It also
displays a superior aesthetic finish and excellent UV stability
which makes it ideal for interior and exterior applications.
Two- or three-coat systems can be considered.


Available in Fast cure.

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Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 8 in