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Verdia flooring and coating products are formulated with the goal of maximizing
human safety and protecting the environment. All Verdia systems are available with
EPA Approved Antimicrobial additives. We use Eco Friendly raw materials; low
environmental impact manufacturing and we offer recyclable packaging options.

VerdeCoat Liquid Color Packs are simple easy to use way to pigment the high
performance Verdia flooring systems including VerdeCoat, VerdeSeal and
VerdeFloor polyurethane concrete. Refer to individual products to determine the
proper loading of Liquid Color Packs to use. Typical loading is 1 pint per each 3-
gallon unit of VerdeCoat epoxy coatings, VerdeSeal polyurethane CRU, HSU and
SBA each have different loading levels. When using Liquid Color Packs in the
VerdeFloor systems use 1 to 2 liquid color packs per 5-gallon pail of Part A.

• For use in epoxies and polyurethane
• Simple to use pint packaging
• Blends easily for consistent color
• Available in a wide array of colors
• Zero VOC, very low odor

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Blue, Black, Tan, Green, Safety Yellow, Safety Red, Canada Gray, Light Gray, Mid Gray, Dark Gray, Pantone 287c

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