Metallic Pigment Powders 120g


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LABTEC Metallic Pigments

The LABTEC Metallic Pigments are special effect pigments composed of coated mica nanoparticles that create finishes with a unique aspect and a depth effect. The LABTEC Metallic Pigments are designed to be field blended with LABPOX 30 Clear or LABPOX 40 UV Clear, creating a pearlescent finish with a spectacular color effect through light interference and absorption.

Labsurface offers a range of metallic powders with shades of bronze, copper, gold, silver and other vibrant colors. The random patterns obtained with these pigments will create an artistic effect providing a unique character to each project. Our metallic pigments are easy to disperse and offers unparalleled storage stability. It is possible to modify the colors by adding pearl or black mica. Metallic pigments can be used for interior applications only.


  • Artistic effect
  • Unique floor projects
  • Easy dispersion & no pigment agglomerations
  • Possible to modify shade
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • One of the best UV resistance in the industry
  • Very easy to disperse
  • Unlimited color and effects possibilities
  • Labsurface metallic epoxy systems are resistant to unwanted effect such as circles and fish eyes
  • Chemically stable and environment friendly powders.

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Charcoal, Mocha, Dark Silver, Pure White, Light Silver, Black, Silver Blue