Verdia Floor 10 gallon kit SL.



Verdia Floor 10 gallon kit SL.

Verdia flooring and coating products are formulated with the goal of maximizing human safety and protecting the environment. All Verdia systems are available with EPA Approved Antimicrobial additives. We use Eco Friendly raw materials; low environmental impact manufacturing and we offer recyclable packaging options.

VerdeFloor SLX2 flooring system is typically installed at 1/8” – 3/16”. VerdeFloor SLX2 is a highly flowable slurry and when broadcasted with aggregate and top coated, creates a tough long-lasting flooring system. VerdeFloor SLX2 is formulated with an anti-microbial and is resistant to Fungi Growth per ASTM G-21.

• Seamless, hygienic finish; no grout joints
• Impact & abrasion resistant surface
• Low odor, fast installation, fast cure
• Decorative Finish with Flakes or Quartz
• High temperature resistant 220 F* *varies with topcoat options
• Anti-slip surface, meets ADA recommendations
• Resistant to moisture vapor transmission (MVT)
• Resistant to fungi growth per ASTM G-21
• Commercial Kitchens
• Restrooms and locker rooms
• Supermarkets and food prep areas
• Beverage and Bottling Facilities
• Food & beverage facilities
• Laboratories
• Wet Processing & Packaging areas

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Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 24 in